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E&T Innovation Awards 2020

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Frazer Nash

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  • The title of your entry should describe the content and not include the name of your company or organisation with no more than 10 words
  • You may enter up to three categories with each innovation but will require a separate entry for each – use the duplication feature to do this
  • Please make sure you actually describe how your innovation works (simple, but not always the case!)
  • No sales jargon please
  • Be specific to the questions posed and remember the more innovative the submission the better
  • Please remember that it is quality over quantity. Please pay attention to the guideline word lengths
  • The description you provide may be used to describe your innovation in any general marketing and publicity that the institution does on your behalf if you are shortlisted. This marketing will reach a very broad audience and will be in non-technical terms.

Please note: Your description should not simply repeat the entry title

  • Supporting photographs and graphics should be used to help explain specific aspects of your submission or and/or to demonstrate your innovation in action. Posed team photos, pictures of standard hardware etc are not valid
  • Marketing material relating to your innovation should only be used to provide a good description of how the innovation works or a detailed description of how benefits are achieved by the innovation. Please do not use your entry form as a sales pitch as this will be disqualified at the judging stage.
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