Q: Who can enter?

  • The awards are open to anyone and everyone – be they individual, company or organisation

Q: Is it for the UK only?

  • Not at all, we accept entries from all corners of the world

Q: Do you have to be a member of the IET?

  • No, we welcome innovations from members and non-members alike

Q: Is there an entry fee?

  • No, the awards are completely free to enter

Q: Is my IP protected?

  • Yes, all submissions are shared only with IET staff and the category judging panel

Q: Can I enter more than one category?

  • Of course – we actually welcome it! You can enter each innovation in up to 3 categories, but we require a separate form for each one (don’t feel you have to change everything though – just tweak each form to be relevant to the category)

Q: Can I enter with more than one innovation?

  • Yes, the more the merrier!

Q: Will my entry form/ submission be published in the public domain?

  • Only the name of innovation and the submitting organisation, and  will be shared in the public domain if you are shortlisted. No other information will be shared

Q: How do I send a photo if my innovation is software?

  • No problem - a screen shot of your innovation is perfectly acceptable

Q: Does it have to be commercialised or already launched?

  • Not necessarily. Please check the scope of the category you wish to enter for more information

Q: Will I need to attend the ceremony?

  • We recommend and advise all shortlisted entrants attend the ceremony – it’s a great excuse to network (and celebrate!)

Q: Is there a cash prize?

  • Sadly no, but you do get a fabulous trophy and all sorts of extra benefits!

Q: Who have previous winners been and what have their innovations been?


ABBAltranArrow ElectronicsAltranFrazer-NashGCHQMathworksAltran RS Components Siemens WMG


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