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Navtech RadarClearWay Automatic Incident Detection System

Navtech Radar

ClearWay provides accurate and reliable vehicle tracking and Automatic Incident Detection. Unlike traditional technologies, it accurately detects vehicles, pedestrians, animals, and debris in all temperatures, weather conditions, and darkness/smoke/fog/gas along an entire highway. ClearWay enables highways agencies to implement “Smart” motorways, helping improve traffic flow and enhance safety on motorways.  


Safety AmmoThe Smart Pinning Station

Safety Ammo

The Smart Pinning Station is a proven solution for ports & terminals. The future of safety requires a smarter workspace. By integrating Intelligent RFID & radar technology, The Smart Pinning Station establishes safe zones. The safe zones create personnel detection capabilities, ensuring a better working environment for personnel & machines.


Optical Engineering Research Group, Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing EngineeringExtremely low exhaust temperature ammonia provision for SCR systems

Optical Engineering Research Group, Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering

This novel technology dramatically lowers NOX emissions by allowing on-engine conversion of AdBlueTM into a second solution with a different chemical make-up that, when injected into an exhaust system, replacing AdBlueTM, decomposes as soon as exhaust temperatures exceed 50°C. No system that only consumes industry-standard AdBlueTM can do this.


TE ConnectivityNew-generation roofline high-voltage power system for electric trains

TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity recognised that only marginal improvements were possible with existing technology to transmit the power flow from the pantograph to the traction transformer on electric trains. By replacing air with advanced solid dielectric insulating materials, TE has developed a new-generation module that will increase efficiency and reliability.


ABBSmart grid communication for the Great Western railway


ABB’s implementation of Network Rail’s Rationalised Autotransformer System (RATS) advanced protection and control scheme has significantly reduced the number of circuit breakers required to electrify the Great Western Railway, helping to reduce costs while still achieving fast fault clearance and isolation.


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