Technology Transfer

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Technology transfer is the effective use of an existing technology or process from one sector to another for us in an alternative way, delivering huge potential benefits in terms of scale, time to market and relative costs.

Entries to the IET Technology Transfer category are welcomed from all sectors and can range from research concepts and ideas to technical issues and industrial applications.

Current examples of Technology Transfer include:

  • Retrofitting a commercial refrigerator cabinet with an aerofoil system used in Formula 1 to keep cool air inside, reducing the energy consumed by refrigerators in shops and supermarkets
  • Using electronic measurement, logging and data display systems for mammal tracking and elite sports performance measurement to assist in the safe transportation of premature babies
  • The design and manufacture of composite flywheel-based energy storage systems to reduce fuel consumption and emissions of inner city buses and other mass transit and heavy vehicles

  • Using high power energy recovery and energy storage systems for rail and power grid applications which was originally developed for Formula 1 to reduce investment and operating costs, increased CO2 savings and increased security and performance


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