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Reckon Green Innovations Pvt LtdPlug & Play LED Tube Light with Plug-in-Drivers

Reckon Green Innovations Pvt Ltd

LED tube light compatible with any existing tube light fixtures or installation type. Plug-in-drivers in end caps for feature customisation and self-repair to increase operational life by 400% and reduce E-waste by 80%.

High performance with 125lm/watt, Pf.>.99,THD <5%,3.5kV surge. Built to last and address climate change more comprehensively.


Hong Kong Productivity Council3-step Zero Effluent Discharge Process for Food Waste Total Recycling

Hong Kong Productivity Council

This is a novel process with specialized microbes to convert food wastes into high market value products: (i) high purity biogas (~80% methane); (ii) eco fish feed; (iii) quality oil for biodiesel production. This can solve food waste disposal problem, generate renewable energy, reduce carbon emission and recover valuable resources.


National Gridg3 - innovative SF6 alternatives for a low carbon future

National Grid

This innovation demonstrates the first application worldwide of Sulphur-Hexafluoride-free 420kV, gas-insulated switchgear (GIS), using an alternative gas (g3). g3 results in a 98% reduction in global warming potential (GWP) of the gas within the switchgear and dramatically reduces the potential for environmental harm whilst retaining full technical and operational performance. 


Tidal Harness LtdReducing the cost of energy through simplicity in tidal technology

Tidal Harness Ltd

Tidal Harness builds single moving part turbines for harnessing energy from tidal currents. The turbine has a submersible generator which does not make use of intermediary components and rare-earth magnets. The installation of turbines does not require expensive offshore cranes. This simplicity delivers greater cost reductions and increased reliability. 


Department of Mechanical Engineering/Faculty of Engineering/National University of SingaporeComposite Membranes for Air Dehumidification to Improve Building Energy Efficiency

Department of Mechanical Engineering/Faculty of Engineering/National University of Singapore

A membrane-based technology to reduce air humidity has evolved. It is no ordinary air-conditioning technology. It is a first-of-its-kind foil-like membrane which sieves out water molecules at very high flux without needing heat regeneration.

It relieves the moisture condensation part of chillers to realize energy saving of 35% or more.


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