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UbiqutekElectricity to kill weeds offering organic alternative to chemical herbicides


Chemical herbicides are under pressure from increasing natural resistance and from regulators banning or restricting them due to health and environmental concerns. Using electrical to kill weeds by boiling them offers a sustainable alternative. Our next generation technology is innovative as it kills weeds but does not shock humans.


OPER Technology LimitedAutologous Neural Stem Cell Harvest for Personalized Neurodegenerative Disease Treatment

OPER Technology Limited

Our US and Hong Kong patented world-leading technology - Autologous Neural Stem Cell Harvest, can automatically and precisely track and extract active adult neural stem cells from living brain without causing any harm on donors and recipients, potentiating its use in treating neurodegenerative diseases as personalised cell replacement therapy.


Spyglass Innovations LtdLooBlade - the toilet brush, reinvented!

Spyglass Innovations Ltd

LooBlade reinvents the outdated toilet brush in an ultra-hygienic, safe, and designer device, using leading-edge materials, additives and moulding techniques. Antimicrobial for life, will last ten years plus. Saves on bleach and water wastage, and is ergonomically shaped to handle much more effectively.


Safety AmmoThe Smart Pinning Station

Safety Ammo

The Smart Pinning Station is a proven solution for ports & terminals. The future of safety requires a smarter workspace. By integrating Intelligent RFID & radar technology, The Smart Pinning Station establishes safe zones. The safe zones create personnel detection capabilities, ensuring a better working environment for personnel & machines.


Tidal HarnessReducing the cost of energy through simplicity in tidal technology

Tidal Harness

Tidal Harness builds single moving part turbines for harnessing energy from tidal currents. The turbine has a submersible generator which does not make use of intermediary components and rare-earth magnets. The installation of turbines does not require expensive offshore cranes. This simplicity delivers greater cost reductions and increased reliability. 


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