The winners

NeuroCONCISE LtdIET and E&T Innovation of the Year and Start-up category winner

Discrete, wearable, AI-enabled neurotechnology platform that translates brainwaves into control signals

This neurotechnology platform includes electronics on flexible PCB substrate that can be embedded and concealed in any standard headwear (caps, hats etc) and is built on 15 years of awarding winning AI enabled signal processing research at Ulster University and trials with end-users including multiple patient groups with physical disabilities.



Wave2Wave Solution Communications

Robotic Optical Management Engine — ROME

ROME — Robotic Optical Management Engine — automates the configuration of physical layer fibre connections in data centres and optical networks. Removing the need for manual intervention, the robotic optical switch delivers huge cost savings, faster connection times (of seconds rather than hours), no dB losses and reduced human errors.

Wave2Wave Solution


Dstl Cyber Security

Cyber red team training game

Developed as Personal Innovation Project (PIP), exploits gamification science via a card based approach, has leveraged the insight of national and international defence partners through extant exchange office arrangements and requires no IT to run. It has no security classification requirement. Participants do not need to be technical experts.



Sonobex LtdEmerging Technology Design

Innovative noise control using acoustic metamaterials

Development of innovative noise control technologies utilising the emerging area of Acoustic Metamaterials. A disruptive technology, delivered into in a well-established, global market that provides superior low frequency performance. This enables the engineering sector to deliver robust, cost effective, high performing solutions that aren’t possible using conventional approaches.

Sonobex Ltd


University College London Healthcare Technologies

Tracking viruses in space and time

This is an innovation that is currently implemented in healthcare settings including BartsHealth and UCLH NHS Trusts.

University College London


University of Cambridge Information Technology

Automated generation of digital twins of existing reinforced concrete bridges

It is a Virtual Robot with artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Our main contribution is to give institutions the possibility to process and analyze data more effectively, providing professionals with more assertive capabilities for decision making, improving productivity in processes, activities, and tasks.

University of Cambridge


Viper Innovations Ltd Intelligent Systems

CableGuardian: Proactive monitoring, detection and location of faults on live ungrounded power distribution systems

CableGuardian utilises intelligent algorithms and IOT architecture to provide valuable system fault information by analysing complex measurement data received, in real-time, from CableGuardian measurement nodes distributed around a power network. Benefits include automation of traditional manual testing, reduced exposure to hazards, increased system availability and a significant reduction in costs.

Viper Innovations Ltd


Temboo Manufacturing Technology

Code generation technology

Why would anyone spend tens of thousands of dollars to replace a machine that works now and should continue to work for another ten years? With Temboo, updating legacy systems is a breeze. Unique IoT applications are built faster by generating all the necessary code with Temboo.



Orbital Marine Power Ltd Model-Based Engineering

Hydrodynamic modelling of floating tidal turbine

Development of a SR2000 2MW floating tidal turbine required development of hydrodynamic modelling techniques. Our modelling engineers adapted standard oil & gas and wind industry tools and techniques to develop an iterative process for floating tidal combining Orcaflex’s capability to model floating structures, and FAST’s capabilities of modelling rotor hydrodynamics.

Orbital Marine Power Ltd


Orbital Marine Power Ltd Power and Energy

SR2000 floating tidal power generation

The SR2000 prototype has successfully demonstrated reliable tidal stream electricity generation over 365 days of continuous operation since its installation in 2017. The mono-hull floating design supports 2 x 1 MW power generating nacelles, and is the largest and most successful floating tidal turbine in the world.

Orbital Marine Power Ltd


Arup Sustainability and Environmental

Bladeless is more – Air Induction Unit (AIU)

AIU offers an innovative method of ventilating a space with a gentle breeze and there is no competitive device available in the industry. It is a sustainable alternative to hot and humid weather; such as that found in some Asian regions, saving up to 65% of electricity consumption compared to conventional mechanical fans.



Power & Water Technology Transfer

Soneco® — Sono-electrochemical reactor for safe and effective wastewater treatment

Soneco, Power & Water’s patented sono-electrochemical technology, is leading the field in contemporary water treatment. Combining electrolysis and ultrasound for effective, efficient and sustainable water treatment without the use of hazardous liquid chemicals. Soneco is ideal for small WwTWs with difficult access and requirements for additional chemical use.

Power & Water


Jaguar Land Rover Transport

Smart and intelligent surfaces using structural electronics

This is the first ever automotive qualified concept that integrates customer interaction surface with structural electronics in one shot. Compared to its ancestor, it is 70% lighter, 10 times thinner, more robust, allows design freedom, 90% reduction in BoM. This is going to be the future of electronics in the car.

Jaguar Land Rover


Creavo Medical Technologies Young Innovators

Compact magnetometers for analysing the magnetic field of the heart

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the UK. Magnetocardiography (MCG) is a technique which could change how patients are triaged by ensuring they receive the correct diagnosis in a timely manner. This innovation improves both sensitivity and resolution of MCG devices.

Creavo Medical Technologies


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