Hong Kong Productivity Council3-step Zero Effluent Discharge Process for Food Waste Total Recycling

Hong Kong Productivity Council

This novel process generates high purity biogas (~80% methane) from food wastes. Besides biogas, the new process also produces fish feed and waste oil for biodiesel production, leaving no residual waste for disposal. This can solve food waste disposal problem, generate renewable energy, reduce carbon emission and recover valuable resources.


UK Power NetworksKent Active System Management (KASM)

UK Power Networks

This project is demonstrating GB’s first use of real-time power system modelling and short term forecasting on electricity distribution networks. These advanced analytical capabilities will enable more low carbon energy generation to connect and export to the grid, by reducing the need for costly infrastructure to support it.  


Tidal HarnessReducing the cost of energy through simplicity in tidal technology

Tidal Harness

Tidal Harness builds single moving part turbines for harnessing energy from tidal currents. The turbine has a submersible generator which does not make use of intermediary components and rare-earth magnets. The installation of turbines does not require expensive offshore cranes. This simplicity delivers greater cost reductions and increased reliability. 


EDF Energy RenewablesEurope’s largest battery storage asset under construction

EDF Energy Renewables

One of the world’s largest battery storage project providing critical power services to National Grid.
The 49MW asset will be operational in Q1 2018 using high-tech battery cells, able to respond in lightning speed and deployed within an existing gas power station to create an efficient energy and power hub.


Safe-ConnectThe Hot Connection Indicator


The Hot Connection Indicator pushes-on to a cable next to its connection point and highlights to the naked eye, by colour change if the connection becomes heated above a set temperature.  The colour change activation temperature is set during manufacture and can incorporate both reversible or permanent colour change functions.


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