Model-Based Engineering

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The Model-Based Engineering Award will recognise projects, at any stage of development, where modelling and simulation have been used in the design, implementation and test of products, especially innovative embedded systems.  

Entries are encouraged from, but not limited to, the following areas:

Modelling and simulation
  • Creating mathematical or conceptual models
  • Using simulation for optimal design and increased performance
Testing, verification and validation
  • Use of modelling to rapidly design tests
  • Verification of test coverage
  • Acceleration of testing and verification processes to eliminate errors before full-scale production
Implementation and delivery
  • The reuse of models in the implementation stage of the design process to accelerate the creation of innovative embedded software and systems
  • Use of techniques to make rapid design iterations possible
  • The use of data analytics or machine learning to improve the model or product

Entries should clearly state either:

What is innovative about the process and how it goes beyond established Model-Based design techniques?


How the use of models was instrumental to the success of the project and the resulting innovative product.


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