Model-Based Engineering

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GE Power ConversionLiquefied Natural Gas Process Desktop Simulator

GE Power Conversion

Development of a real-time desktop simulation of the gas plant of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) carriers. The simulator is interfaced directly to the on-board process control system and, during a project to upgrade the latter, is used to prove its operation before installation, so reducing time, cost & risk.


PETRONASA Revolutionary Prediction Tool for Pragmatic, Safe and Efficient Drilling


The 3D Dynamic Wellbore Stability Tool is a prediction tool developed to quantitatively predict wellbore failure, starting from the initiation stage, progression until stabilisation. It is an enhancement of current approach of 1D Wellbore Stability Model that only predicts the presence of wellbore failure during drilling activities.


PETRONAS3-Dimensional Visualisation for Fire & Gas Mapping (FnGMapTM) Software


Fire & Gas Mapping (FnGMapTM) software is the first 3D visualisation software developed in-house. It merges engineering design knowledge and process safety requirements, which then is translated by risk-based assessment methodology, to determine the optimum quantity & placement of fire and gas detectors for onshore & offshore facilities.


BT plcVantagePoint:  Rise above the noise

BT plc.

VantagePoint automates the cost modelling of a global access inventory and the associated network points of presence with a simple and intuitive interface that enables a broad skill set to leverage the power of this information to make critical business decisions.


University of CambridgeAutomated Progress Monitoring Using Mixed Reality

University of Cambridge

This innovation is a Microsoft HoloLens application for automating the inspection process of a building under construction. The application aligns the 3D as-planned model to the real as-built environment and automatically compares the current as-built status with the as-planned data to derive instant progress information by simply walking around site.


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