Information Technology

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University of CambridgeAutomated Progress Monitoring Using Mixed Reality

University of Cambridge

This innovation is a Microsoft HoloLens application for automating the inspection process of a building under construction. The application aligns the 3D as-planned model to the real as-built environment and automatically compares the current as-built status with the as-planned data to derive instant progress information by simply walking around site. 


JPY LtdThe Threads Intelligent Message Hub


Threads is unique in contact and message management. It combines any digital message - including emails and VoIP telephone calls - into an easily searchable resource accessible from computer or mobile. Threads uses artificial intelligence to extract and create logical threads of discussion from text, scanned documents and human speech.


Mirada Medical LtdDeep Learning Contouring to Improve Accuracy and Automation in Radiotherapy

Mirada Medical Ltd

Delineation of organs is a necessary task for planning radiation therapy. DLC ExpertTM is the first product in radiotherapy to be powered by "deep learning", a class of machine learning. DLC ExpertTM has shown major improvements over commercial state-of-the-art systems, achieving clinical human-like performances.


DataSwarm LtdDataswarm - memetic analysis of social media data

DataSwarm Ltd

The DataSwarm Analytic Engine uses a number of cutting edge mathematical approaches to analyse social media data en masse, ando gain insights into trends and predict human behaviour patterns, for example successfully predicting Brexit and the latest US, French and UK election results.  


Laura NetworksCognitive Risk Manager Virtual Robot

Laura Networks

It is a Virtual Robot with artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Our main contribution is to give institutions the possibility to process and analyze data more effectively, providing professionals with more assertive capabilities for decision making, improving productivity in processes, activities, and tasks.


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