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Science & Technology Facilities Council and Cardiff UniversityMacuMap - Imaging Retinal Densitometer

Cardiff University and the Science & Technology Facilities Council

MacuMap provides a unique insight into eye health.  The rate that the eye responds to light changes as we age, but also due to a number of diseases, including age-related macular degeneration. 
MacuMap tracks the response of the eye to light, a key indicator in disease diagnosis and on-going assessment.


Safety AmmoThe Smart Pinning Station

Safety Ammo

The Smart Pinning Station is a proven solution for ports & terminals. The future of safety requires a smarter workspace. By integrating Intelligent RFID & radar technology, The Smart Pinning Station establishes safe zones. The safe zones create personnel detection capabilities, ensuring a better working environment for personnel & machines.


Mirada Medical LtdApplying the Turing Test to Technology Assessment in Healthcare

Mirada Medical Ltd

Healthcare technology assessment becomes challenging where the current gold standard is subjective human judgement.  Mirada Medical’s innovation is to adapt Turing’s concept to technology assessment in the healthcare domain, where we sought to develop a system to consider the question “Does the new technology imitate human level performance?”.


Octane Biotech Inc.Cocoon: An automated, self-contained cell therapy and tissue engineering system

Octane Biotech Inc.

The Octane Cocoon is a device that utilizes specialized interlinked bioreactors to automate the sequential steps in the production of living implants. The Cocoon technology integrates state-of-the-art bioreactors, biosensors and bioprocessing to enable routine GMP production of advanced cell-based treatments and the effecive translation of medical discoveries to the clinic.


Luminance Luminance Artificial Intelligence


Luminance is a legal technology which uses the latest advances in machine learning to transform the process of due diligence by supporting mergers and acquisition lawyers. Luminance’s technology goes beyond the existing legacy software by using artificial intelligence which learns and understands like a human brain.


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