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ContinUse BiometricsNon-contact and continous optical sensor for authentication and bio-sensing

ContinUse Biometrics

Our unique laser based remote sensing technology extracts heart beating rate, variability and shape (used for authentication), respiration rate, blood pressure and pulse wave velocity. Our optical sensor measures nano-vibrations of the illuminated tissue and associates it with many bio-parameters while providing continuous, remote and agnostic hand held bio-sensor.


Cambridge ConsultantsAxsis micro-robotic system – a vision of future surgical robotics

Cambridge Consultants

Robotics is already transforming surgery. Axsis is a novel micro-robot that demonstrates how the next wave of miniature systems can address the needs of a wider range of surgical procedures –such as cataract surgery– currently not benefiting from the advantages of surgical robots due to the limitations of existing solutions.


Creavo Medical TechnologiesA Scanner to rule out heart attack in emergency departments

Creavo Medical Technologies

This is a cutting-edge non-invasive scanner which is designed to help physicians rule out serious heart disease much more rapidly than is currently possible. Research into the device within the NHS is showing how industry and healthcare can work together to deal with important questions in medical science. 


The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustPulsePad innovative device for rapid detection of peripheral arterial disease

The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a widespead chronic condition that is often symptomatic of later more severe cardiovascular conditions including heart attack and stroke.

The Pulsepad device enables low cost, non-invasive, simple and quick detection of PAD in primary care so that early and/or appropriate interventions can be made.


Arup and AiredaleArtus Low Energy Air Conditioning

Arup and Airedale

Artus Low Energy Air Conditioning is an innovative and proven new product that enables a step-change reduction in the cooling energy required by buildings (a substantial portion of our country’s energy usage), in a beautifully-engineered package that offers significant benefits to the whole supply chain – developers, operators, installers, designers.


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